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Semantiq releases new AI to combat Cyberbullying, Harassment, and Hate Speech on Social Media

Nov 9, 2017 | Press Release

Semantiq Technologies today released WiseMonkey, a free extension for the Chrome browser that automatically blocks cyberbullying and toxic posts from Twitter and Facebook social media feeds. Created by entrepreneurs Flynn Adams, former CMO at Bittorrent, and James Thomason, former CTO of Cloud at Dell, the extension uses new machine learning and NLP techniques to automatically detect and block toxic language.

“Solving this problem has not been a top priority for Silicon Valley, but it should be,” says Semantiq co-founder Flynn Adams. “We see all of these tragedies that resulted from people being bullied online at school or at work. Technology created this problem, and the world needs new technology to help solve it.”

A recent Pew survey of of 4,248 U.S. adults found that 41% of adults have been personally subjected to harassing behavior online, while the Cyberbullying Research Center reports 34% of 15,000 12-17 year-olds surveyed say they have been cyberbullied. According to the CDC, victims of cyberbullying are significantly more likely to use alcohol, drugs, and suffer emotional issues. Young victims are also more likely to receive school detention, suspension, skip school, and experience in-person harassment.

WiseMonkey works by automatically extracting the text content of a user’s social media posts, and sending it to Semantiq’s cloud platform for classification. When toxic text is detected, the extension overlays the offending posts so that they cannot be easily read. Users always know which social media posts WiseMonkey is blocking and can choose to reveal them if they so desire.

“This is an area where AI, machine learning, and data science can make a really big difference,” says Semantiq co-founder, James Thomason. “Over 92% of people are talking to each other digitally every day. We can learn a lot from what people say, but you need a platform that can listen to these digital conversations at scale.”

WiseMonkey for Chrome is now available for users to install for free and can be downloaded at or the Chrome Web Store.

About Semantiq Technologies

Semantiq Technologies is developing advanced people analytics that turn digital conversations into data and insights. Using proprietary data science and machine learning techniques, Semantiq helps individuals and businesses discover and understand social relationships and make sense of human-generated content. Founded in August 2017, the company is headquartered in Pleasanton, California.

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